increase in outstream revenue
less player load time
completion rates

About Ringier

Ringier Advertising is a Swiss advertising company with branches in German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. They’re specialized in the implentation of high-reach and effective advertising campaigns for clients and agencies. Ringier Advertising is divided into five departments that work closely together in order to offer the highest quality of consulting to their clients.

Industry Media
Company size 160+ employees
Headquarters Switzerland


Take outstream video sales in-house
Protect margins
Improve user experience
Create new opportunities for advertisers
Generate additional revenue

Why Ringier works with us

We’re very pleased with our partnership with Blue Billywig and the results we’ve seen over the years. We’ve come to know Blue Billywig as more than just a software supplier, as their service levels really go above and beyond and they’re always willing to think along with us as we continually strive to improve our video offerings.

Waldemar Witt, Product Manager Digital Advertising at Ringier

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See an example of Ringier's outstream videos

A screenshot of one of the websites in Ringier’s portfolio using outstream video.

Ringier outstream

How Ringier uses our Online Video Platform

Ringier has used our Online Video Platform since 2016. With access to our high-end technical solutions for outstream video, Ringier can easily design and incorporate these placements into deals with advertising partners.
Video is a key component in Ringier’s digital strategy, offering innovative formats to advertisers, so that they can best communicate their messaging.

What Ringier has achieved

With the use of our Online Video Platform, Ringier has taken full control and ownership of their video sales. This has led to higher net eCPM’s and significant additional revenue.
By using the Analytics tool, Ringier is able to keep a close eye on their KPIs and continue to optimize the design, behavior, and implementation of their outstream player. This, in turn, has led to faster loading times, increased viewability, and higher completion rates.