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About Budget Thuis

Learn how telecom provider Budget Thuis partnered with us to improve their customer service with video, leading to a 90% satisfaction rate.

Industry Telecom
Company size 450 employees
Headquarters The Netherlands


Guide customers through the installation process quickly and easily
Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce the number of calls to customer service

Discover what interactive video can do for your customer service

See Budget Thuis' video in action

This video is in Dutch.

How Budget Thuis uses our Online Video Platform

Budget Thuis provides consumers with budget friendly internet, television, and telephone services. To help consumers get set up, they created a set of customer service videos that guide users with an an interactive step-by-step tutorial.

Considering that new Budget Thuis consumers usually don’t have a working internet connection, it was important that the videos work optimally on a smartphone. To achieve this, all videos are created in a vertical format, with interactivity elements optimized for a mobile screen.

What Budget Thuis has achieved

No less than 90% of the viewers stated that the video helped them to successfully connect their internet, telephone and television service. Before launching the videos, Budget Thuis received many calls on a daily basis with customers asking for help setting up their connections.

Since the videos went live, Budget Thuis has seen a major decrease in calls to their customer service department.