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About Allerhande

Allerhande is an online cooking & recipe platform created by Albert Heijn, the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Allerhande started as a paper magazine in 1954 and has since grown into a cross-media platform, which includes a website with online videos.

Industry Retail
Company size 100,000+ employees
Headquarters The Netherlands


Inspire people with recipe videos
Stimulate the purchase of groceries
Increase engagement with their audience

Why Allerhande chose to work with us

We were pleasantly surprised by all the possibilities the online video platform offered us. We also highly value the collaboration. It is nice to have a partner thinking along with you.

Jet Wieske, Manager Digital at Allerhande

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See Allerhande's video in action

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How Allerhande uses our Online Video Platform

Content management & workflow optimization

Allerhande has created a wide variety of video content, including recipe videos, step-by-step guides, online workshops, and behind-the-scenes footage. They use our streamlined upload workflow to bring these videos to our platform, including any relevant tags and metadata. This allows them to automatically match their content with existing categories on the site, like a specific ingredient, dietary concern, or cuisine.


Allerhande uses interactivity to give viewers the option to add groceries to their shopping cart and to offer their audience step-by-step instructional cooking videos. “The interactivity really allows me to be involved and makes it easier to cook along, making this video more suitable for me to use when I’m cooking”.


Linking their website analytics platform directly with ours has allowed Allerhande to combine viewing behavior with website statistics, providing them with in-depth knowledge about their audience.


By adding instream ads to their content, they’ve been able to monetize their content and increase their revenue.

What Allerhande has achieved

Allerhande continues to expand their video library with new videos every day, allowing them to reach over 500,000 home cooks every month. Working with our platform has enabled Allerhande to fully optimize their workflow, as the videos smoothly integrate with their website and apps.