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  1. HTML5 video player custom controls: advanced

    In this blog we'll cover more advanced HTML5 video player custom controls, like the progress bar, volume bar and the video quality selector....

    6 januari, 2016

  2. HTML5 Video Player

    Onze HTML5 video player biedt je kijkers de beste kijkervaring. De hoogste kwaliteit video player voor de hoogste kwaliteit video content.

    18 november, 2019

  3. Who’s afraid of VPAID?

    In this first blog I would like to let you in on our advances in VPAID technology, sparked from the often-overlooked Javascript/HTML5 section of the VPAID spec....

    15 maart, 2015

  4. Cross-Browser Video Embedding

    Quite often people ask me: Why do we need a player? Can't we just embed an MP4 video using an HTML5 video tag?...

    8 juni, 2015

  5. Video in email: Today or tomorrow?

    13 april, 2015

  6. Inline video on iPhone

    13 april, 2015