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Blue Billywig
Posted on October 13, 2020

Blue Billywig launches Virtual Pop-Up Office

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Remember precedented times, charted territory and foreseen circumstances? Looking back, they were all pretty good.

Ad Tech professionals like to travel. They are generally a social bunch, meeting up and sharing ideas in various desirable locations across the globe year after year. This is by necessity rather than a luxury, as worldwide scale is key when you are battling for a mere 20% of a market dominated by the GAFA juggernauts.

So rather than nursing our Dmexco hangovers this September - Blue Billywig instead brainstormed on how to help both ourselves and our industry partners and peers escape cabin fever, with the closest thing to a business trip we could imagine - introducing he Blue Billywig Virtual Pop-Up Office!

The idea behind the virtual Pop-Up Office is quite simple. In times where we don’t physically get to travel, and Google Hangouts and Zoom meetings have become the new standard, we wanted our clients and prospects to still experience the excitement of travel. So we transformed our office space to reflect true Dutch culture and style and surprised guests with an invite to join us in ‘Amsterdam’.

We kicked off the series on October 8th with a successful Swedish event. Guests received their boarding passes for Blue Billywig Airways and visited us along the canals of the beautiful Dutch capital, with our own Stockholm office also coming along for the trip (in true Ad Tech style!).

Thanks to all the great industry people in Sweden who joined us - we hope you had as much fun as we did!