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Blue Billywig
Posted on October 4, 2016

Online Video Handbook 2016

Header image for Online Video Handbook 2016

Online video advertisements are becoming increasingly innovative, with different format designs for the various device types. For example, Dutch bank ING recently launched it's first advertisement solely focused on mobile users.  By filming the advertisement vertically instead of in regular horizontal mode so that mobile users did not have to switch their screen. Even though we have seen a lot of positive changes like this in the past few years, the video advertising landscape remains complex for many people. This is why the Interactive Advertising Bureau Nederland (IAB) has launched the Online Video Handbook 2016.

The handbook offers a clear and complete view of the current video advertising landscape.  It will provide insight into the various formats, techniques, buy and sell processes, types of players and the wide range of  analytics. Additionally ,a couple of experts from the industry provide their vision of the future.

Download the IAB Video Handbook 2016.