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Blue Billywig
Posted on August 22, 2016

New mobile outstream ad format: StayInView

Header image for New mobile outstream ad format: StayInView

Every online publisher faces a similar dilemma - an increasing number of their users have shifted to accessing content on mobile devices, while monetising this volume with display or other ad positions remains extremely difficult, hence a drop in overall ad revenue.

As a response to this growing challenge, we've developed a new outstream advertising format, the StayInView, designed exclusively for mobile devices, that benefits all relevant parties -  publisher, advertiser and consumer.

This innovative new format provides all the benefits of an instream or rich media ad, such as forced exposure, without the drawbacks such as hijacking the full screen or forcing the viewer to watch something. The video ad opens at the top of the mobile screen, staying in view as the user scrolls through the content, but not blocking the user from accessing that content. Ads start muted with the option placed on the user if they wish to unmute, and skip buttons are optional.  Given that the ad is appears in a premium position and has a chance to make an impact with potentially interested users, the result is that video completions, VTR's and CTR's are all increased.

Please see our Outstream Video Formats for the various possibilities, as well as the StayinView demo (best experienced on a mobile device).