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Blue Billywig
Posted on August 2, 2018

Introducing: Interactive Ads Studio

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Blue Billywig is very happy to announce the release of a brand new product - our Interactive Ads Studio!

The studio involves a range of highly effective interactive video ad formats, easy to create and delivered as VPAID through any ad tech or player.

View our range of formats in the Interactive Ads Studio.

Get started with our easy to use Templates

Our Interactive Ads Studio enables customers to create interactive video ads from our easy to use templates. All templates are customisable, so that customers can turn a standard pre-roll or outstream ad into a more effective and engaging interactive video ad, improving brand association and increasing ROI's.

Through the use of our industry leading interactive studio, we have created templates that simplify the process and give customers clear and concise choices for getting started with interactive video.

Different formats to boost revenues

Our bespoke formats, such as The Chooser and The Reducer, are all designed to create better ads for viewers, while providing brands with more flexibility in the way they communicate with their audience. For publishers, offering interactive formats to their demand partners will boost overall video revenues while also improving the experience for both site users and advertisers.
If you are interested in hearing more about the Blue Billywig Interactive Ads Studio, do not hesitate to contact us.