Reward Outstream Video Ad

One high-potential solution to address this challenge is to incorporate rewarded video ads for digital publishers.

This innovative approach, made popular in the online gaming industry, integrates advertising seamlessly within content, creating a win-win scenario for publishers, advertisers, and users.

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Exploring the Benefits of Rewarded Video Ads


  • A Step Beyond Traditional Paywalls:

In contrast to traditional paywalls that can disrupt the user experience, rewarded video ads offer a less intrusive alternative. Instead of blocking access to content, users are offered the choice to view a brief ad to unlock the desired content with minimal interruption. Publishers have the flexibility to customize the length or number of ads to ensure a seamless user experience while maintaining the premium quality of their site.

  • Complimentary to Subscription Models:

For publishers who rely on subscription-based revenue models, rewarded video ads can be a valuable tool to entice free users to upgrade to premium subscriptions. By providing a sneak peek of exclusive content in exchange for watching an ad, rewarded video ads can showcase the benefits of premium subscriptions and incentivize users to make the switch.

This integration with rewarded video ads can complement existing subscription strategies rather than replace them. Publishers can incorporate rewarded video ads as part of a soft paywall approach, giving users an alternative path to access premium content while still generating revenue.

  • Advertiser KPI’s

Rewarded video ads offer users access to premium content, such as exclusive articles, gated videos, or bonus game levels, in exchange for engaging with brief advertisements. Strategically positioned within content, rewarded video ads boast completion rates exceeding 70%, significantly higher than traditional outstream ads. This translates to heightened engagement, receptivity, and increased viewability for advertisers, leading to improved ad performance and ROI.


Rewarded video ads present an innovative and lucrative monetization opportunity for digital publishers while enhancing user engagement and providing value to advertisers. By carefully considering the factors discussed in this article, publishers can effectively implement rewarded video ads to maximize revenue, improve user experience, and build a sustainable advertising ecosystem.

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