5 reasons to start adding interactivity to your recruitment videos

You’re looking for the perfect new candidate for a function. Where to start: a vacancy text online? An ad? What’s the best way to really stand out from the crowd and catch your candidates attention?

Many companies are working on branding, but not enough focus specifically on employer branding; showcasing the company’s identity to the candidates. This is a critical part of promoting your company in the recruitment process. Make sure you stand out and that candidates remember your message by using interactive video for recruitment. Curious why this works so well? Read the top 5 reasons to use interactive recruitment videos in this blog!

What is interactive video

Interactive video is a dynamic form of video that responds to actions the viewer makes. Viewers can for example click inside a video, make choices about the visible content and fill out forms.

1. Grab attention from the get-go

An often-heard “fact” is that younger viewers in particular have an aversion against long content. But is that true? Platforms like Netflix and Youtube prove the contrary and have even made the term ‘binge watching’ mainstream. What has changed is that viewers demand more from the content they watch: it has to be engaging and it should suit the interest of viewers.

How do you translate this to employer branding?

One candidate is more interested in company culture, while another viewer wants to know more about career opportunities. With interactive video you let the candidate choose the story.

Interactive video enables the candidate to find information about a job that they’re most interested in. By cutting the content into clips and providing choices, the viewer can click on relevant content. Research from RAPT Media’s ‘Power of Choice’ shows that 64 percent of people watch more of a video when it’s interactive. This is because you let the candidate engage with the content in the way that makes the most sense to them. As a result, everything they click is interesting and relevant to their situation. This way you create tailor-made employer branding for each viewer!

2. Select & qualify

Interactive video allows you to create gamified content and tests. Gamification is basically adding gaming elements to a video. These techniques trigger the natural desires of humans to learn, compete and gain status. But how would you use this in recruitment?

Test the knowledge of your applicants

An easy way to do this is to test the viewer on certain knowledge. Try testing the viewers situational judgement in cases that are relevant for the job. Based on their answers, you can assess if the candidate fits your company. Besides these kinds of tests, you can create interactive video quiz templates in which the viewer has to answer questions. Based on their decisions, the clips shown can be adjusted automatically.

Both are suitable for testing your candidates and also give direct insights in their results. It offers a valuable, fun and social shareable experience for the candidate.

3. In-depth analysis of success

Video continues to prove its use within recruitment and many companies are already integrating it in their recruitment processes. It’s a pleasant way to not only provide more information about the job, but also the company’s culture. Every recruiter recognizes how hard it is to measure the impact of a recruiting tool, and without accurate tracking, you never know the true gains of the campaign.

To prove the added value of a video, you need to be able to analyse it. With interactive video, every click is measured. This enables you to do an in-depth analysis on all the viewed clips. Analysis provides valuable insights in the viewing behavior and interests of your target audience.

4. Increase both quantity and quality

Adding interactivity gives you insights in your viewers behavior and also boosts the conversion rate of your viewers. Vacancies with a video get, on average, 34 percent more applicants than the ones without (Career Builder). Using interactive video ensures that not only will the quantity of applicants  increase, but also the quality.

Add an application possibility to the video

The more steps you have in the application process, the higher the probability that you will lose the applicant somewhere along the way. By allowing candidates to immediately apply in an interactive video, you increase the chance of conversion. You can, for example, add a form in which candidates can leave their details or give them an opportunity to apply directly.

Providing a conversion moment in a video is even more important for videos viewed on a mobile device. On mobile devices, videos are often played in full screen mode, making the surrounding page invisible. So, if the conversion moment is not available in the full screen video but elsewhere on the page, it is not directly visible, causing the probability of conversion to drop.

When candidates only view the most relevant information to them, it makes them better informed about the job. This leads to an improvement  in the quality of applicants, as candidates are more aware of what is expected on the job and how they fit into the organization.

5. Create adjustable and scalable content

What do you do when parts of the content are outdated? Do you make a completely new video? This is often the only possibility when it comes to linear video, which is a waste of time and resources. By splitting videos into different clips, it’s easy to replace and add clips without going through the entire production process over and over again. It allows you to make your content easy to adjust at any time.

An interactive video can consist of clips that you embed individually. For example, one particular clip contains information about the company culture. You can use this clip multiple times by embedding it in multiple places or by posting it on your social media accounts.

Take your recruitment marketing to the next level

In short, interactive video is a great way for you to stand out from your competitors. This innovative tool gives you the opportunity to really connect with your audience. So take your recruitment marketing to the next level and let your viewers control the content. The candidates will enjoy the process and you’ll enjoy the results!

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