Creating a video requires a surprising amount of teamwork. You can always expect feedback during the production process: from the production party you are working with to the colleagues that helped you with the concept for the video. Making use of these suggestions, comments, and adjustments results in the best possible video.

Instead of having all this feedback scattered across Google Docs, your mailbox, or written in your notebook, you can now gather it all in one place within the Online Video Platform: React.

With React, you can quickly and easily collect feedback for both linear videos and interactive projects. Simply create a page that features your video and a comment box and share the URL with anyone who should provide feedback on the video during the production process.

Down to the second

Comments are automatically given the correct time code and, for interactive projects, feedback is also broken down per clip. By clicking on the comment, you jump directly to the right moment in the video. This way, you know exactly where to make changes, down to the second and the clip.

Once you’ve processed a comment, you can mark it as “resolved”. The filter at the top makes it easy to sort by comments that are still open or ones that have already been resolved.

Efficient feedback process

Comments are visible to everyone that can access the React page and can also be responded to. This way, you avoid double or contradictory feedback, making the whole process even more efficient.

You can post comments anytime and  anywhere, as React is available on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Well-organized and easy

If you’re logged into the Online Video Platform, the platform automatically links your comments to your account. If you don’t have a login, you must first enter a name and email address in order to post comments. This makes it immediately clear who left the feedback and with whom you can follow up.

Sometimes you want feedback from different parties, for example from both the production party and from your colleagues. To keep this feedback separate, it’s easy to create multiple React pages. Give each page a name and find all feedback quickly and easily in the overview in the platform.

Collect feedback safely and securely

React is only accessible to those who receive a direct link, but to provide extra security it’s also possible to password protect the page so that only authorized users can access it.

Curious about this new feature?

Log in to the Online Video Platform and create your first React page. You’ll find the React tab in your Media Clips and Projects. Don’t have a login for the platform yet? Send us an email and request a demo.