As a publisher, you want value for your money. So, it is important to create the most optimal setup for your video monetization. The Prebid Header Bidding solution can help you with that optimal setup.

What is Prebid?

Prebid is a feature-rich header bidding platform that includes more than 150 demand sources and 15 analytics adapters. It supports currency conversion, GDPR, common ID systems and multiple ad servers.

Prebid: the benefits

The prebid capabilities within Blue Billywig’s HTML5 video player technology, let publishers create an optimal setup for their video impressions, resulting in an overall higher yield.

It has always been possible to connect numerous SSP (Supply-side Platform) and Ad Exchange partners behind the player, but with prebid all partners get a fair chance through a simultaneous auction, instead of waterfalling from one partner to another.

Some partners might not use prebid (yet). They can still be included, as it is possible to combine prebid with waterfalling.

Player Bidding or Header Bidding?

The industry term “header bidding” can be confusing. Our Prebid feature that we’ve fully built into the player removes the need to change the header of your pages–The player does all the work. No code changes or heavy lifting is needed from the publisher since we manage and run the entire auction within the video platform.