In April 2019 we launched our Prebid Player Bidding solution for outstream advertising. We are now pleased to share two major updates: the launch of our Prebid Adaptor and Prebid Renderer.

These two updates will simplify implementation and increase yields for media owners and programmatic technologies alike. We’re confident that these enhancements will keep our clientele at the forefront of the online video ads market.

Blue Billywig Prebid Adaptor

We have long maintained a position in the market as an agnostic, customizable player technology, enabling and optimizing video demand from the chosen monetization partners of our customers.

Releasing a bid adaptor does not change this position.

Having analyzed the video marketplace in various territories, it became clear that the implementation of an optimal outstream setup had fallen behind the display market.

Our bid adaptor utilizes prebid in a new and unique way, advancing and redefining the market for outstream video advertising. It acts as a meta-adaptor or proxy, a facilitator running a simultaneous video auction for multiple prebid video advertising technologies and rendering accordingly.

Easily placed in the header of a website alongside a publisher’s display adaptors, the highest bid will be communicated back to the website. If this bid is sufficient, the outstream video ad will be played in the publishers customized player, with the appearance, position and behavioral settings that they deem appropriate.

Blue Billywig Prebid Renderer

Not every media owner works with multiple ad-tech partners,  with some preferring an exclusive SSP relationship. There are also ad technologies with video auctioning capabilities but without a renderer for outstream.

We’ve also considered such partners in the advancement of our product, and have built a solution whereby the Blue Billywig Player can be easily integrated as a renderer with any ad technology, playing the winning video bids from an alternative bid adaptor.

For further information on either feature, please see our documentation here, or contact us for more details.