The rapid rise and expected continued growth of OTT streaming services have brought new monetization opportunities for you as a content owner. Blue Billywig already supported advertising driven models (AVOD) and now further expands this offering with the launch of pay-per-view (PPV) and subscription based (SVOD) services. This enables you as a publisher or creator to decide which model best suits your business, or even choose a mix of all options (Freemium) that you can define, control and optimize.

Blue Billywig PPV and SVOD services

With our PPV and subscription services, you have the ability to monetize your content by offering your loyal viewers payment possibilities for one-off events or time restricted access, or alternatively have them commit to a longer period by subscribing to recurring charges at various intervals.

You as the content owner can define the price, the model, the payment methods and the termination clause, while Blue Billywig provides the platform to help you setup, manage and track this all in an easy way.

How to get started with PPV and SVOD

Our non-ad based monetization options are designed for simple implementation and turn-around times, so that you can start earning with your subscription or PPV supported model immediately.

For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager who’ll be happy to arrange a demo.