There is a big chance that you have listened to a podcast this week or heard someone talk about listening to a podcast. As have many users of our platform. Some of them are already using podcast and vodcast content on their own website.

Instead of websites, most people use an app to check out their favourite podcast or vodcast. Making this content suitable for external platforms is now possible with the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform by using the RSS feed configuration.

RSS feed configuration

Playlists in the Blue Billywig platform already had an RSS feed, making them suitable for website embedding. However, with the newest configuration option, this RSS feed meets the requirements needed to submit your content to external app directories.

Some apps and platforms that people use to check out the latest podcasts and vodcasts are Podcasts for iPhone, Google Podcasts for Android and Spotify.

The RSS feed meets the requirements when playlists get the correct information attached to them. Think of categorisation, information about the maker and whether the content is explicit. And also important: a fitting image in the correct dimensions that will serve as cover art.

You can check whether your podcast or vodcast is ready to be submitted to the directory. For example, by using this link.