The first two sprints of 2021 have already been completed and the development team has added some great features to the platform. These new features will make it even easier to create, manage and organise your content in the Online Video Platform.

YouTube Playlists

It was already possible to export your videos to a YouTube channel, but now you can export videos to a specific playlist within that channel.

In the Social tab, you can link a YouTube channel to the Online Video Platform. There, you have the option to select a playlist. Through automated syncing, video content from the platform will then automatically end up in the selected YouTube playlist.


Templates can now be easily created in both the Interactive Video Studio and in the Templates tab.

Save your configured interactivity as a template that you can apply to various clips. This way, you only have to adjust one template to make changes in multiple clips at the same time.

Templates Interactive Video Studio


The Datafeeds option in the platform has been expanded. In addition to a RSS feed import, you can also choose to migrate your metadata using an XML upload.

Upload an XML file containing metadata for your existing content and it’ll automatically be synchronized with the platform. By including the media clip IDs in the file, metadata will be synced with the corresponding videos in the system.