It won’t come as news to you that analytics are a vital part of a good online video strategy, that’s why our platform includes an extensive online video analytics dashboard that allows you to easily understand your video content performance. This year, we’re working to improve these analytics even further.

The first renewed dashboard has just gone live. In this update we’ll talk you through the improvements we’re implementing and how you will benefit from these, as well as talk about what else you can expect over the coming months.

What’s improving?


You can now access your data even faster than before. The implementation of a new API allows for better caching and a more efficient way of retrieving data. This allows you to immediately access various insights into your analytics, without having to wait for the entire dashboard to load.

User experience

The new structure used in analytics is more in line with that of other well-known platforms such as Google Analytics, resulting in improved clarity and user friendliness. The new dashboard is intuitively designed to focus on the facets you use most frequently, like filtering data and selecting date ranges, resulting in an overall better user experience.


Every day, we process massive amounts of data. To do this with even greater efficiency, we’ve taken steps to allocate resources in a more flexible way. This means that whether your publication contains a large or small volume of data, you can always be sure that your data will be available on-demand.


Due to its new modular design, the new dashboard is more agile and future-proof. This allows us to quickly and easily make updates and performance enhancements.

Analytics dashboard

When will these improvements be made available?

Good news–These first updates are already live and available for your use. You can find them by logging into the Online Video Platform and navigating to the ‘Analytics’ tab at the top.

You may notice that not all dashboards are updated yet. You can learn why and find more information about the development of the new analytics dashboard in this interview with our product owner, Tom.

Over the next few months, we’ll release other dashboards, like for ‘Projects’ and ‘Advertising’ analytics. We’ll keep you updated here and through our newsletter, so keep an eye out for coming updates!