Read this update to learn about the most important new features and improvements to the platform. See the full release notes here.

Floating player – new set-up

Sticky options give you the ability to keep the player in view of the user for longer by floating it to some corner of the page. You already had several options within the Online Video Platform for where the player could float, but this would sometimes lead to the video obstructing other content.

It’s now possible to set a specific DOM element where the video player should move to when the user scrolls. For example: Suppose the menu on a website is in the sidebar, and you want the player to be located within it, rather than on top of it. Using the new sticky option to “float to dom element”, you can ensure that the video player is shown as a part of the menu bar. In this way, the video is always in view without blocking any other content. This provides an optimal user experience for the visitor.

Improved encoding

The encoding of videos has been further improved and complies with the highest and latest standards. For the best results, the player uses the colour profile of the original file.


Reports now run more smoothly than before, whether you want to generate them on-demand or schedule delivery for another time.  Our new report delivery process means that waiting for a report to be generated is no longer necessary. In the meantime, you can continue working in the platform or close the page, and the file is automatically sent to your email once completed.