Unfortunately, there’s no photo of our Christmas tradition this year; this year everyone is cooking their own Christmas dinner. During this dinner, we usually look back on the past year by playing quizzes and listening to speeches. So, in order to keep up the Christmas tradition, here’s a short overview of 2020, for both the Online Video Platform and the Blue Billywig team.

April: Live Stream Chat

In times of social distancing, customers had access to the Live Streaming module free of charge, so they could continue to communicate safely with their audience. To enhance direct interaction with the audience during these live streams, chat functionality was added to the Live Streaming module.

April: Prebid Adaptor and Renderer

In April we already launched Prebid Player Bidding for outstream and in June we released the Prebid Adaptor and Prebid Renderer. These additions to the platform were important for video monetization clients, for a simplified implementation and higher profits for video ads.

June: Launch Interactive Video Studio

One of the most significant releases of 2020 was the launch of the renewed Interactive Video Studio. In the renewed studio, adding interactivity is made even easier, thanks to its intuitive design. With this studio, a new standard for creating interactive video has been set.

August: New support website

The support website got a makeover and it went live in August. The goal with this new and improved site is to offer a user-friendly experience that ensures that users can find the answers to their questions.

September: Accessible video

23 September 2020 was an important date for governments and public sector institutions; it was the deadline by which websites had to comply with laws and regulations on accessibility. To make creating accessible videos even easier, the Online Video Platform adds subtitles to your videos automatically by utilizing Speech to Text technology.

Blue Billywig keeps growing

In addition to all updates and releases within the platform, things also changed for the Blue Billywig team. To keep up the team spirit, many team activities took place online, such as bingos, pub quizzes and Friday afternoon drinks. However, the most successful and creative online bonding was with our own “Blue Billywig Cribs”, where colleagues gave each other a peek in their home office.

It is great that, despite a surprising and difficult year, the team has grown in 2020 and we’ve been able to welcome many new colleagues. As of this year, all team members have a spot on the Wall of Fame. When the offices reopen, you are more than welcome to admire this new addition to the Blue Billywig headquarters.

Picture of the Wall of Fame at the office

On behalf of the entire Blue Billywig team we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!