While we are all about video, we can’t ignore that in some cases, it’s helpful to have additional communication options at your disposal. To support our clients who use Blue Billywig’s Live Video features in support of their business communications, we’ve built a simple and easy-to-use chat function right into the player.

With the addition of chat it has become even easier to communicate live with your audience. It allows viewers to respond and ask questions during live streams.

Free live streaming until September 1

We’ve recently announced that we are offering the possibility of live streaming for free until July 1. We’ve extended this period until the 1st of September, to aid all our clients in these times of physical distancing.

If you are already a client and would like to use the Live Streaming Platform and Live Chat feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager. If you are not yet a client, but you are interested in the Live Streaming possibilities, please request a demo account.