We are pleased to announce that as of January 2020, Blue Billywig joined a growing number in the international ad tech community, offering our unique video monetization solutions to the APAC market.

It’s an unprecedented time for the advertising ecosystem. Even removing the uncertainty that surrounds the market due to the economic stress caused by the current situation, the industry was already facing a time of great change, with an infrastructural overhaul on the horizon.

Treading carefully in such a time is natural, though standing still is forever the equivalent of going backwards in such a dynamic and ever-changing environment. We endeavor to keep innovating and continue with our growth plans, and joining the exciting ad tech landscape in APAC feels like a logical next step for the company.

Having experienced enormous growth over the last 5 years, the team in our Dutch base has now grown towards 60, with an additional office opening in Stockholm in 2018. We’re now working with some of the largest and most prominent brands and publishers in Europe such as Group M, Daily Mail, Tamedia, OMG, eBay, Schibsted and Aller Media.

As the global markets and the advertising ecosystem evolve, it seemed only natural that our next focus area would be APAC. The continued economic growth in the region, combined with the large population base, sees that digital advertising is growing at an extremely fast rate, with the region making up 40% of the world’s digital ad spend. Honing in on video, ad spend in Asia grew by 6.2% in 2019 and is expected to double by 2024. Even excluding China, video ad spend in APAC is expected to be almost double that of Europe by 2024.

While moving into a large new market is a big decision, working as a software-only platform gives us flexibility to scale quickly in new regions. After assessing the most logical areas to focus on, APAC felt like the perfect fit for our product portfolio and overall company culture. The upward trends in the area match with our own, and we look forward to working together with ambitious publishers and innovative agencies in the region towards building successful cases with video.

Kevin Fox, Director Media Solutions at Blue Billywig

With strong partners already in place in the region, our various ad tech solutions, such as Prebid Player Bidding for outstream, and Contextual Suggests for instream, are already up and running across numerous media owners in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea and Vietnam.

As well as publisher side products, we will also take our Interactive Video Ads Studio to agencies in the region. This creative solution offers innovative ways to massively increase brand engagement, measurement and overall ad performance.