Are you looking for ways to optimize your instream ads and maximize your revenue? Our ad schedules help you achieve just that. We’ve made some improvements that’ll help you boost the potential of your ad breaks.

Interval in percentages

You were already able to choose how often to call for ads in seconds, and we’ve just expanded this functionality with the option to set a schedule based on percentages, like showing an ad on every 20% of the video.

Minimum content length & ad stacking prevention

You can set a minimum length for your content to enable ads, ensuring that there won’t be any ad breaks for content that is shorter than you’ve set. Additionally, we’ll make sure your ad breaks maintain space between each other so that ads don’t stack up where it doesn’t make sense, like preventing an ad break from playing right before a post roll begins. We’ll ensure that your ads are well distributed, optimizing the viewer experience and maximizing the efficiency of your ads.

Scene detection

You can evenly distribute your ad breaks based on either seconds or percentages, but that’s not all. We’ve added an option that looks at any scene changes that suggest the ideal time to insert an ad break, so you can avoid having an ad play right in the middle of an important section. This way, your ads are a break, not a disruption.

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