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Interactive Video Studio


The Interactive Video software offers breakthrough creative features that allow you to make exceptional interactive videos for your viewers. We offer both a full-service approach and the opportunity for self-service. Whether that's adding a simple call-to-action or creating a completely custom experience, the intuitive interface will bring your videos to the next level.
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Increased conversion rate
More memorable compared to traditional video
Higher impact on purchase intent

The Interactive Video Studio


Craft one-of-a-kind interactive and dynamic content with the most advanced platform and interactive techniques available.


Engage, entertain and educate your audience with gamified viewing experiences that will wow and surprise.


Achieve scale with ease. Enhance video reach and output with minimal effort through the use of templates.

Intuitive Design

The interface of the Interactive Video Studio was built by creators, for creators. Adding interactive elements is a simple and intuitive process, even for the novice user. Simple drag and drop techniques and clear and concise options for animation quickly bring an interactive video project to life.

Gain deeper insights with impoved metrics to determine ROI

Every aspect of an interactive video can be tracked and reported on. Gain invaluable insights into viewer behaviour and preferences, with unique data sets acting as a gamechanger for how ROI can be measured.

Every interactive video can have its own KPIs determined in advance, with the results clearly communicated for analysis and optimisation


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Flowchart Editor

Visualise and storyboard an interactive video project from start to finish with our Flowchart Editor. Complex branching videos are effortlessly mapped out, leading to a smooth editing process.


The Interactive Video Studio turns passive viewers into an active and engaged audience


Add a video-in-video layer to allow viewers to gather in-depth information

Buy now

Create shoppable video content, greatly shortening the buyer journey and increasing sales


Viewers can download brochures, whitepapers or infographics from within the video.


Encourage interested viewers to watch more clips with the use of a menu for direct navigation


Add clickable URLs and hotspots to navigate to clips or webpages


Collect direct leads through the use of forms

Gather Feedback

Ask users questions about the video, product or business

Custom Interactivity

The possibilities with interactivity are endless, with imagination the only limitation. Contact us to learn more about custom interactions.

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