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Interactive Video Ads Studio

increasing relevance - engaging audiences

Create unique interactive video ads. You can use one of our easy-to-use formats or create your own. Turn a standard instream or outstream ad into a more effective and engaging interactive video ad to improve your brand association and increase ROI's. Our formats are completely customisable.

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Increase engagement

Gamify and enhance the user journey by giving something they want to take their time to interact with.

Drive conversion

Increase purchase intent by offering a new innovative alternative for online shopping.

Create brand recall

Campaign is more memorable regardless of whether the consumers interact with it or not.


Repurpose and maximize the exposure of your social assets.

Drive traffic

Use interactivity to drive relevant traffic to optimized landing pages, a YouTube channel or other content platforms.

Interactive advertising possibilities

Whether you create your own interactive ads from scratch or decide to go with one of our tried and tested templates, your engagement will rise and your customer satisfaction will increase.


Add a video-in-video layer to allow viewers to gather in-depth information


Encourage viewers to watch more clips or explore more options


Add clickable URLs and hotspots to navigate to product clips or webpages


Collect direct leads through the use of forms in the video


Show creatives or elements based on users’ location

Custom Interactivity

Contact us to learn more about custom interactions.

Formats & templates


Featured format: The Chooser

The Chooser is highly engaging. By providing your users with different options, this format encourages them to make a choice. Enable your users to follow a path that is both relevant and personalised and increases purchase intent. In addition, you gain invaluable insights into consumers' choices.

key findings

  1. Once the user interacts with the ad, the average engagement rate for the secondary clip is 56%
  2. Increased time spent with the ad, with an average increase in completion rate by 50%

Interactive video ads are a great way for brands to engage their consumers and communicate more effectively. Find out 5 reasons why your organisation or brand should start using interactive ads.

5 reasons to adopt interactive video ads


Featured format: Shoppable video

The Shoppable video format allows you to connect with consumers in a new way. By engaging them with interactive shippable product items, your viewers are stimulated to make a purchase decision, leading to increased purchase intent. Additionally, the number of steps in the buying process is reduced. Finally, the innovating shoppable formats have a positive impact on creating brand awareness.

key findings

  1. The Shoppable Video ad format creates new and alternative retail opportunities as well as speeding up the buying process
  2. Increased time spent with the ad, with an average increase in completion rate by 80%

Discover all interactive video ad formats and find out more about their effectiveness by downloading the overview.
Download the interactive ads overview


Check out more examples of our formats below

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Check out more examples of our formats below



The CTA enables advertisers to add a clear call to action button within the video ad, which could also be used to draw the viewers attention.


The Carousel

The Carousel

The Carousel allows advertisers to build a conveyor belt within the ad that can display numerous products.


Branded ad


Create a branded player by showcasing several products and offer to redirect the user to the right product.


Social Extend

Social Extend

Social Extend allows advertisers to repurpose and maximize the budget and exposure of their social assets.


The Collector

The Collector

The Collector is a video ad format that enables the advertiser to request data from their target audience.


The Quiz

The Quiz

The Quiz gamifies the video content and thereby enhances the user journey.


The Prolongator

The Prolongator

The Prolongator provides the viewer with an option to switch from the original short ad to a longer version.


The Reducer

The Reducer

The Reducer provides viewers with the option to watch a shorter version of the ad.


Dynamic Ad


Dynamic ads show elements based on data points, such as location, time, weather and audience.


The Compressor

h3>The Compressor

The Compressor allows users to reduce the size of the video, revealing various customisable interactive buttons that surround the video.


The Expander

The Expander is a small video surrounded by various customisable interactive buttons. Viewers can expand the main video over the other content.


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Invaluable insight into consumer choices

Interactive Ads Studio Analytics

Interactive video ads analytics

Interactive analytics

With interactive video data, you can easily determine exactly what your viewers find interesting about the particular product or service as well as the precise point that triggered the viewer to request more information or proceed to a purchase.

VAST reporting

Generate an exportable VAST report containing the campaigns metadata, impressions, quartiles and completion rates.

General analytics

Track your campaign performance by granular breakdown with more than 50 filtering options for content type, audience, technology and engagement.
Interactive advertising formats

How do agencies and advertisers work with the studio

Create your own unique design and formats or use the standard templates from the Interactive Ads Studio. You can also work with our in-house editors directly to create effective and innovative interactive and/or dynamic campaigns.


Complete the workflow by generating a VPAID tag that can be booked in any ad system.


Generate a VAST tag where the interactive code is run in safe iFrame.

Embed script

Generate the player script that can be placed on the page directly or booked in display positions.

Download the interactive ads overview

15 seconds of an interactive video ad is worth 45 seconds of time. Download the overview to check out various formats, cases and to read more about the effectiveness of interactive video ads.