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The Blue Billywig Interactive Ads Studio

Increasing Relevance - Engaging Audiences

Create interactive video ads from our easy to use templates. All templates are customisable, so that customers can turn a standard pre-roll  or outstream ad into a more effective and engaging interactive video ad, improving brand association and increasing ROI's.


The CTA enables advertisers to add a clear call to action button within the video ad, which could also be pulsing to draw the viewers attention.


The Carousel

The Carousel provides advertisers with an opportunity to build a conveyor belt within the ad that can be used for various purposes such as displaying numerous products.


The Chooser

The Chooser provides users with options so that they they can choose the most relevant ad for them


The Collector

The Collector is a video ad format that enables the advertiser to request data from their target audience.


Shoppable video

The Shoppable video ad format creates new retail opportunities, reducing the number of steps in the buying process . It allows brands to connect with people in a new way and stimulate the viewer to make a purchase decision.


The Compressor

The Compressor is a unique format, revealing more to the viewer as they engage in the initial piece of video content. This content piece will reduce in size, highlighting any number of interactive elements that may be behind it.


The Expander

The Expander formats opens as a small video surrounded by various customisable interactive buttons. The viewer can then easily choose to expand the main video over the other content, creating a dynamic and highly engaging format.


The Prolongator

The Prolongator provides the viewer with an option to watch a longer form video ad from an original shorter ad.


The Reducer

The Reducer provides a positive alternative to users skipping a video ad, allowing advertisers to communicate a powerful shorter message to viewers.


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