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Video Advertising for online publishers - optimise your ad revenues

Are you an online publisher looking to generate extra advertising revenue through the use of video? With Blue Billywig’s Video Advertising Platform, we offer publishers the chance to maximize their earnings from video advertisements. This can be achieved through running instream ad formats within your current video content, or alternatively, running video ads from our outstream suite within your editorial content.

Increase your ad revenues with the Blue Billywig Outstream Suite

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Unlock your video content potential with Blue Billywig Instream Advertising

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What our customers say about us

"We are very pleased to work with Blue Billywig. We experience prompt and professional support and a smooth implementation process. Blue Billywig is easy to use, easily integrated with our ad server, compatible with various video formats and it helps us optimize our time spent on video creative." - Cecilie Vernon Nørsgaard, Head of Advertising Operations at Berlingske Media

"At Converge Digital, we have a very strong partnership with Blue Billywig. Combining their customisable player solution with our state of the art ad server and programmatic platform has enabled us to present an holistic video solution to media owners and representatives. This collaboration has created significant revenue uplift across our growing publisher portfolio. The support provided by Blue Billywig is great, the technology is very flexible, and their knowledge and expertise helps keep us at the forefront of the programmatic digital video market". - Ian Maxwell, COO at Converge Digital

Direct Campaign Management

Manage, optimise and analyse your direct sales campaigns in the ad systems you are used to. Blue Billywig’s player can be effortlessly integrated into all the major ad servers , allowing an easy adoption for ad operations and trafficking teams.

Programmatic Sales and RTB

The programmatic video ad market is growing rapidly, with programmatic budgets set to make up almost 30% of the market in 2016. This figure is set to hit 60% by 2020. If you are already using a programmatic video partner, they can easily be connected to buy across Blue Billywig's video ad formats.

The Blue Billywig Ad Exchange

Blue Billywig offers the possibility for publishers to compliment their direct sales strategy with additional demand from the Blue Billywig Ad Exchange. Our exchange is connected into all the major video demand sources worldwide and provides you with the controls and floor pricing capabilities to drive additional revenue without compromising your direct sales.

Your Player, Your Style

Blue Billywig enables clients to customise the player to their own style. Choose the sizes, colours and controls of your player. Insert a skip button at any point on the timeline if you wish to do so. We provide numerous capabilities so that your player can integrate naturally on your website, creating themes user friendly video experience. 

The Blue Billywig Advertising Platform provides:

  • In-Stream and Out-Stream Ad Formats.

  • A multi stage advertising system for your direct and programmatic sales management.

  • Access additional video demand via The Blue Billywig Exchange.

  • Branded player - with fully customisable features.

  • Full Inline capabilities on all ad formats.

  • Supports the latest versions of VAST and VPAID.

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