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decrease incoming phone traffic


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branded videos, based on 1 template

Travelling these days requires specific preparation, which always raises a few questions. How much luggage are you allowed to carry and are there weight restrictions? Do you have to check-in online in advance? What if you need to cancel unexpectedly? With the aid of interactive video, can easily and efficiently provide answers to these frequently asked questions.

Besides, mother company Otravo manages multiple travel brands, among them Even though the regulations differ per brand, the questions remain similar. Otravo was looking for a scalable solution to help travellers from their various brands in a simple and precise manner.


  1. To increase customer satisfaction
  2. To produce videos that are easily adaptable to multiple corporate identities
  3. To expand the online customer service for the diferent brands

Compilation combining the 3 videos

the Blue Billywig approach

Step 1: Topics & KPIs

Together with the customer service of, we decided on the topics for the interactive videos and the accompanying KPIs, such as attaining a customer satisfaction rate of at least 75%

Step 2: Flowcharts & Production

We converted the topics into flowcharts. chose for a timeless animation style, which is easily adaptable. This is convenient for the differing corporate identities of the various brands and for changes in laws and regulations

Step 3: Optimization

After the videos went live, we continuously analysed the statistics. These analyses, together with the feedback of viewers, enables possibilities for optimisation. This has already led to an increase in the viewing percentage and a doubling in feedback


All objectives have been reached. 80% of the customers thought the videos were helpful. This has led to a significant decrease in the amount of phone calls and e-mails. Additionally, the three video were also cost-effective, due to the easy adaptibility.

Why chose blue billywig


After the first meeting with Blue Billywig about the possibilities of interactive video, I had numerous ideas of how to implement these videos in order to reduce our workload. With the three videos that we created together with Blue Billywig in the last year, we really succeeded in achieving this! We notice a decrease in the amount of questions via phone and e-mail, and customers are very positive about the videos. Due to difficult answers, the videos were a bit of a challenge, but Blue Billywig was a huge help.

- Maxime Bloemberg Contact Manager Otravo


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