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Samsung offers a complete range of products for electronic appliances, such as televisions and washing machines, as well as mobile communication, such as smartphones and tablets. Samsung offers a complete range of service to their customers, from the moment of purchase until the time of replacement.

The Samsung call centre noticed that a lot of the questions they received from their customers were about televisions and mobile phones. Six topics repeatedly came to the fore. In order to best serve their customers and realise a call reduction, Samsung wanted to use online video to answer these Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. To reduce phone traffic to the call centre
  2. To increase the rate of satisfied customers

the Blue Billywig approach

Step 1: Topics

With the call centre at Samsung, we looked at topics that accounted for the most phone traffic.

Step 2: Flowcharts & Production

These Frequently Asked Questions were translated into flowcharts, which we converted into interactive videos.

Step 3: Live

Through these videos, viewers are able to answer their own questions. Upon going live, we generated statistics from the video views and clicks, which were used to optimise the videos.



The customer satisfaction rate is 76%. The videos make it possible for customers to answer their own questions at any given time. Additionally, there has been notable call reduction about these frequently asked questions.

Why Samsung chose blue billywig

At Samsung, we started with interactive video in 2014. For us this really was the next step in online customer service and it suits our strategy to deliver strong Samsung Support. Together with Blue Billywig we started with a great pilot. At this moment the interactive videos are a stable part of our digital customer service strategy. Blue Billywig helps us and proactively thinks of ways to enhance our current results.

- Sarie Jacobs, Online Support Manager Samsung


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