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Samsung improves customer satisfaction with interactive video

Samsung understands that being distinctive means more than just developing quality goods and innovative products. Customer experience and interaction are key besides providing optimal support through means of traditional and new media.

Samsung offers complete support for all Samsung devices that are part of a bigger ecosystem: the Smart Home. Here, products are no longer independent of each other and change according to customer’s wants and needs. Hence, Samsung Customer Service is available to consumers from the moment of purchase all the way until the moment of replacement, which could be many years later. Online video is an important key in Samsung’s customer service strategy as they use video for pre-sales and after-sales objectives.


The use of interactive video has increased customer satisfaction. Customers now solve their frequently asked questions independently through the use of video, resulting in the reduction of inbound calls.

Curious? Watch the video below:

Waarom Samsung koos voor Blue Billywig

Bij Samsung zijn we in 2014 gestart met interactieve video, dit was voor ons echt de volgende stap in onze online customer service en past binnen onze strategie om een sterk Samsung Support kanaal in de markt te zetten. Samen met Blue Billywig hebben wij in eerste instantie een mooie pilot neergezet. Op dit moment vormen de interactieve video's een stabiel onderdeel van onze digital customer service strategie. Blue Billywig denkt met ons mee en komt proactief met voorstellen om de huidige resultaten continu te verbeteren.