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more satisfied customers


decrease incoming phone traffic


Interactive video impressions

KPN handles a huge volume of emails and telephone calls on a daily basis, in which its customers ask about the products and services it offers. And because service is paramount to KPN, it’s important that each of these clients is given a good advice. 

 Many of the questions, however are regarding the same topics prompting KPN to want to make efficiency gains in a way that was clear for the client. It was important that this efficiency, however, should not come at the expense of their customer’s satisfaction


  1. Reduce the number of incoming calls to the Customer Care department 
  2. Increase customer satisfaction
  3. Expand the online self-service tool with an online video


the Blue Billywig approach

Step 1: Topics

In collaboration with KPN’s customer service department, we identified the top 5 most frequently asked questions over the telephone. 

Step 2: Interactive videos

 Step-by-step, we then identified the questions asked and the provided answers, and turned them into interactive videos. 

Step 3: Live

The viewer walks through various steps in the videos by selecting the applicable situation in the video, leading him to only view information relevant to him and his situation.


All of KPN’s objectives were achieved. At least 70% of customers have indicated that watching the video has helped them. And because KPN’s clients found the help they needed online, they no longer needed to call or email.

why kpn chose blue billywig

Having conducted research on the various offerings in the market, the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform best suited our needs in terms of functionality, quality and price/performance ratio. 

- Lisa Bentick, Online Service Marketeer KPN


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