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KARWEI is a Dutch hardware store-chain with over 140 stores in the Netherlands. As one of the leading DIY brand in the Netherlands, they are committed to give everyone the possibility to remodel their own home. With the implementation of interactive videos, KARWEI wishes to inspire both new and experienced DIY enthusiasts.


  1. To inspire and attract customer engagement. KARWEI wishes to commit DIY enthusiasts to their platform
  2. To expand their online service tool with video

the Blue Billywig approach

Step 1: Topics

When choosing the topics for the videos, we focused on subjects that were most searched for online, as well as topics that were most suitable for videos.

Step 2: Flowcharts & Interactive scripts

By creating a flowchart of how viewers would go through the various topics, we were then able to create interactive scripts for the video. Steps that were mandatory were included in the regular flow. Steps that only offered help when needed were added as extra options, such as video-in-video or information buttons.

Step 3: Live

By taking a step-by-step approach through the video, viewers can complete the various remodelling tasks displayed at their own pace. Extra help with the aid of video-in-video is also offered, but only for users who feel the need to use it.



The videos for KARWEI have received extremely positive reactions, with 91% of the viewers providing positive feedback. As the videos are suited for every level of DIY, they are an effective way for KARWEI to inspire clients. For future endeavours, KARWEI is planning to give viewers the possibility to order supplies directly from the video.

Why kARWEI chose blue billywig

We made the choice to add interactivity to our how-to videos. Instead of sending static images, we want to put clients in charge, so they only watch relevant information. Blue Billywig offers us the right, flexible tools. In addition, we really love having our own branded video player instead of embedding a YouTube player in our online environment.

- Laurens Miedema, Manager Marketing and Communications KARWEI - ‎Intergamma


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