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Paid parking, ride registration and breakdown service used to be seperate services. That was then and now there is DriveGuide, your personal co-driver. It combines all these helpful services into one practical gadget. To demonstrate the many different services and explain how the gadget works, DriveGuide uses interactive video.


  1. To increase the conversion rate.
  2. To gain insight in what features appeal to the target audience.
  3. To increase customer satisfaction.


the Blue Billywig approach

Step 1: Topics & KPIs

DriveGuide searched for an approachable and effective way to explain how the gadget works. One of their main focuses was to demonstrate all of the features in one place. Interactive video seemed like the perfect fit to help achieve their goals, such as attaining a customer satisfaction rate of at least 70%.

Step 2: Production

The six features offered by DriveGuide are shown on the home screen. Next, the viewer can view them all, feature by feature. The video had an accelerated production process of two weeks. This way the video could be part of the launching campaign for DriveGuide.

Step 3: Insight

Analytics for the video offer DriveGuide insight in their target audience: what features are clicked most often? They also use viewer feedback to constantly expand their services. The video ends with the question: "what other features would you like to see?"


The conversion rate has significantly increased to an average of 7% a month. Importantly, the percentage of satisfied customers lies above the 70% they are aiming for. Additionally, DriveGuide gains insight into their target audience, by using analytics to track clicks. This information shows the interest in various services and features. DriveGuide uses this together with viewer feedback to optimize their gadget.

Why driveguide chose Blue Billywig


With DriveGuide we introduce a new product in a new category, which requires a lot of explaining. Interactive video is one of the ways to explain the different services that DriveGuide has to offer. We have experienced a very positive three months after we introduced the video. Customers and other interested parties also give positive feedback.

Richard Oomens, DriveGuide

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