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A divorce can be an emotionally charged period in life, which also requires some financial arrangements. When conducting research, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration found that many people were in need of more information about the fiscal consequences of divorce.

The tax authorities noticed that people going through a divorce often did not meet their fiscal obligations. This led to an extra workload for customer service and the back office. As a means to better inform the divorcing couple, the tax authorities created an interactive video to deliver the information in a clear and concise manner.


  1. To offer a service by giving a clear overview of a complex topic.
  2. To improve the providing of information.

the Blue Billywig approach

Step 1: Topics

Together with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration we looked at what complex topic requires a lot of explaining. This turned out to be divorce, where people often overlook certain fiscal obligations.

Step 2: Flowchart & Production

Four key subjects were incorporated in a flowchart, which we converted into an interactive video with an animated style. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration chose to use an animated video because of its easy adaptability, making it fairly simple to adapt or add information, if needed.

Step 3: Live & Optimisation

The video was placed online on a designated webpage, which gave an overview of all the relevant information about divorce. The video was then subjected to a qualitative study of which the results were used to optimise the video.



The results of the qualitative study showed a positive response. People considered it convenient to have an overview of all the relevant information, both in the video and by navigating through the accompanying website. "I wish I had this back in the day!" was one of the most heard responses by viewers who had already gone through a divorce.


Viewers highly valued the interactivity. They found it helpful that they were able to easily navigate through the video by using the buttons, such as repeat and skip. Furthermore, viewers found it helpful that from the video they were able to navigate directly to relevant online forms and extra information when needed.


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