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"What's for dinner?" It is such a commonly asked question, that it has become a recurring topic in family conversation. Fortunately, you do not need to give it much thought, as Allerhande have created inspirational cooking videos to stimulate your inner chef's creative flair.

The underpinning purpose of these videos is to motivate people by giving them ideas on what to cook and instructions on how the prepare the meals. To complement the videos, Allerhande keeps viewers updated on what is trending in the food world, along with handy tips and tricks.

The key to preparing a meal is to have the correct ingredients. Viewers are given the option to add ingredients to their digital shopping list with a simple click of a button in the video.


  1. To inspire people through interactive cooking videos.
  2. To stimulate the purchase of groceries.


The cornerstones for Allerhande and blue billywig


Allerhande's key objective was to cast a wide net across several customer touch points, such as their own website and social media. By targeting various channels, production and distribution are approached differently with the primary goal to drive traffic to the website to increase conversion.

Data & Technology

The Blue Billywig player is completely integrated in the Allerhande platform. The integration of these technologies allows both parties to gain timely access to data and performance information. Subsequently providing the opportunity to optimise the content at any given time.

Conversion & Ads

The latest developments for the videos are that they now have the ability to drive conversion and revenue. Instead of merely offering inspiration, the videos now provide a solid opportunity to add an alternative revenue stream. In Allerhande's case, viewers are able to purchase groceries directly from the videos, as well as revenue generated from ad placements within the video.


Allerhande attracts an extensive audience with their large quantity of cooking videos. Their brand image inspires home cooks on a daily basis and they provide a platform to simplify the purchase of groceries. By implementing interactivity into their videos, Allerhande has created a scalable business model. They collect data, such as viewer behaviour, conversions and quantity of ads served. This information provides valuable insight in both engagement and earnings. With the addition of interactive elements and player integration, as well as the high volume of videos, Allerhande has effectively increased their conversions.

Why Allerhande chose for blue billywig

We were pleasantly surprised by all the possibilities the online video platform offered us. We also highly value the collaboration. It is nice to have a partner thinking along with you.

- Jet Wieske, Manager Allerhande Digitaal

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