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Video plays an important role in the limitless area of culinary inspiration. The goal is to assist the customer as much as possible in the kitchen and during the cooking process. The video must therefore provide a cooking class that can adapt to the chef’s speed.

Apart from regular videos of cooking classes, it’s also possible to add interactive elements to the videos. Given that engagement is one of Allerhande’s most important KPI’s, interactive video ensures that the user can engage with the video itself, with Allerhande also able to report on this interaction. Also important to note is the user response, in that interactive video’s were viewed 2.6 times more than regular linear videos.

“Taking a user through the cooking process frame by frame in a video simplifies even the more difficult directions. For example, with the recipe for a ‘poached egg’, watching a video makes the whole cooking process a lot easier.” Rutger Anema - Senior Marketing Manager Albert Heijn in Marketingfacts argues in favour of a video by stating, “on paper, one needs to be concise and it therefore does not provide the same possibilities for detail that video does.”


Please see here Albert Heijn’s cooking video:



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