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About Blue Billywig

Blue Billywig is a full service, holistic Online Video Platform that enables effortless management, hosting, publishing and analysis of your video content. The platform offers extensive possibilities for your videos, such as interactivity, personalization and 360º video. We also provide revenue opportunities via our in- & outstream advertising formats.

We’ve not only been making the publication of online videos easier since 2006; but with the addition of our interactive module in 2011, we’ve made it more exciting and fun too. That’s why Blue Billywig delivers the best Online Video Platform, enabling you to realise your online video objectives easily. 

And we’re proud of this. As a Dutch business we operate in an extremely competitive international market. An increasing number of globally operating brands are choosing to use our platform because of the unprecedented interactive possibilities we provide. Or maybe it’s because we’ve got such a fun name.

Blue Billywig? (BlueHilly? WillyBilly? Hilliebilly?)

Blue Billywig

Blue Billywig is a fantasy character from the Harry Potter series. It's only half an inch long,  giving it a subtle presence.  Blue Billywig can fly and sting. When you've been stung you'll get the Blue Billywig virus:  a happy feeling; suddenly anything is possible. 

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