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Interactive e-learning video

Take online learning to the next level

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The most important rule for the transfer of knowledge is that contact must be made with your audience. This is achieved by asking questions and by checking whether they understand the material at hand, speeding up the process if it’s clear, repeating things when unclear and finally, by offering more detail.

The same principles apply to E-learning. Whether it’s about training new employees, explaining pension schemes, or maths lessons for children, E-learning is at its most effective when the audience get involved in the material.

Chinese proverb about learning

Tips for successful interactive E-learning videos​

  • Divide the video material into chapters.
  • Add buttons to share, repeat or even skip.
  • Give extra detail or explanations with video-in-video.
  • Ask questions and allow the viewer to answer these within the video.

Interactive E-learning videos: involve the viewer, test, repeat and increase the level of detail

With the Interactive Module in our Online Video Platform, you can simply add interaction to every E-learning video. By using interactive e-learning video software in, you introduce layers to the video and keep the material manageable. The viewer learns at his/her own pace and level. By asking and answering questions in the video the viewer remains engaged and involved at all times.

Result: the percentage of viewers who watch the entire interactive video is, on average, 46% higher than the percentage for linear, non-interactive videos. Users assess interactive videos with a grade of 8.2/10 while linear video scores 6.1/10.

Why you should use interactive E-learning video software

  • Transfer of knowledge at own tempo.
  • Flexible learning, irrespective of time and location.
  • Consistent knowledge: everyone receives the same training.
  • Always current: it is easy to add or remove new material.
  • The combination of image and sound means that it appeals to both visual and auditory learners.
  • Insight into the learning process through extensive testing.
e-learning video example

Get started with interactive E-learning video

Whether you need to train new employees to make fresh smoothies, provide explanations on pension schemes, or present a maths lesson for children: with interactive E-learning video you convey information in a clear, straightforward way.

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