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The use of a product video provides a solution to two key challenges facing brands, increasing the ease at which users find your website as well as improving your conversion rate. To be most effective, your product video must convince your visitor, thus lowering the threshold to purchase. User friendliness is paramount to this.

These goals become much more achievable through the use of interactive video. Please see below what interactive video could do for you.

Lower the Threshold to Purchase

Interactive videos give you the possibility to convert a view directly into a purchase. This goes far beyond a simple link to an external webpage and creates an environment where the actual product can be clicked on and placed in the virtual shopping basket within the video itself. This ensures that any actions taken during the product video can lead directly to a conversion. The actual purchase moment will differ per viewer. Calls to action can be displayed at various moments in various formats. How long they are displayed is also up to you, so that at any given moment you can connect to a specific phase of the customer journey.

Lead Generation

When people watch your video, they are already displaying interest in your offering. The fact that the viewer has made a choice to spend time on your video makes it the ideal moment to encourage action. By adding a call to action to the video, you are encouraging them at a moment where they are most motivated. To simplify your processes, integrate the captured data directly with your sales and marketing systems, such as with MailChimp or Vtiger.

Convince your Customer and Offer Optimal User Friendliness

Not all information is equally relevant for everyone. Some of your target group may respond best when you explain the technical specifications of your product, whereas others might prefer to hear about your fast delivery times. With an interactive video, the customer can choose what they want to know more about. IN the same way a visitor navigates a website, this is also possible within a video. In this way you can always offer the most relevant information at the convenience of your user.

Why Interactive Video?

  • Improves the findability of your web shop.
  • Presents your product or service easily and clearly.
  • Ensures that visitors stay on your website for longer.
  • Increases leads and purchases.
  • Captures attention by offering relevant information.
  • Is personalised.
  • Offers extensive insight into purchase behaviour by measuring every interactive element.

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