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According to the Swedish Red Cross, not enough people know what to do in case of an emergency. In order to change this, they launched the campaign "Saving lives, changing minds", an interactive web course designed to teach the viewer First Aid.

In the interactive video, the viewer is faced with seven scenarios in which lives are potentially in danger, such as an unconscious person laying in the street or a baby drowning in his bath water. The video offers different options and shows the consequences of these choices. If the viewer successfully completes each scenario, he will receive a First Aid certificate.


  1. To create awareness around First Aid
  2. To provide First Aid training in remote areas and/or in areas where there are no instructors available
  3. To get viewers to download the Red Cross app and share the course online


Try out one of the scenarios below by clicking on chapter 3 in the video or experience the full Swedish video.


The course is viewed and shared widely across Sweden. After this successful campaign, the Red Cross is translating the course into multiple languages to create awareness on a global scale. The Swedish Red Cross is implementing the web course into a blended learning concept.

Why The swedish red cross chose BLUE BILLYWIG


"Actively choosing to help, makes the user more likely to engage in real life situations. We've gotten very positive feedback so far and we are looking forward to seeing the results of this project. We believe that having to make decisions in a stressful virtual environment makes the user more confident when engaging in a real-life situation"

- Johanna Casimiro - Instructional Designer

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