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It doesn’t matter which of the 355 local councils in the Netherlands you turn to: you can go anywhere for the same municipal matters, both at the town hall and online. If all these local councils practically offer the same information, it should be done a whole lot more efficient, according to Sdu. Sdu therefore created VIND Video: five interactive videos with five different subjects, that can be adapted per local council and fully comply with the web guidelines.

The videos cover five topics that are relevant to all local councils in the Netherlands, such as requesting a passport. Each local council can use the same five videos, with just the smallest tweaks. It’s only a matter of customising the video to match the corporate identity and updating the information in the video when there’s a change in the law.


  1. To make local council websites accessible to everyone
  2. To reduce the amount of calls to the call center and to reduce costs
  3. To improve customer satisfaction
  4. To create videos that fully comply with the web guidelines


This video is in Dutch.


Currently, several local councils are using the VIND Video interactive videos to support their services. The videos get very enthusiastic reactions from both the local councils and the viewers. They describe the videos as accessible, up-to-date and very informative.


If you are curious to find out what interactive video can do for your customer service, make sure to download the free infographic. Or you can reach us on +31 (0)35 820 02 80 or