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Profile is the place to go for car maintenance: from a MOT inspection to a tyre change. To highlight their services and the newest tyre in their collection, the Primacy 4, Profile made a playful interactive video quiz. For the campaign they created a special landing page and social media teasers to generate traffic to the campaign. In the interactive video, viewers are tested on their tyre knowledge.

The campaign has an authentic look and feel, as an actual Profile garage owner takes on the role of the quiz master and customers take part in the quiz. As a viewer, you play along with the contestants and you get the possibility to leave your details at the end of the video. By doing this, you can win various prizes, including a new set of tyres.


  1. To boost sales for the Primacy 4 tyres
  2. To set apart Profile as a brand and to increase engagement
  3. To generate leads by collecting customer data


This video is in Dutch.


The campaign was a great success for Profile. The video had a high completion rate, with more than half of the viewers completing the whole quiz. Looking into the conversion rate, the video performed very well with no less than 12% of the viewers filling out their personal information.


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