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Good working conditions are important: good pay, a nice office chair and of course a solid cup of coffee. And if there's one thing they know how to do at Nespresso, it's how to make the perfect cup of coffee. To help B2B customers get the same result with their machine at the office, Nespresso uses interactive instruction videos. Customers get instructions on how to properly use the machine on a daily basis and what to do in case of a malfunction.

On the Nespresso website, customers choose the machine that's in their office. Based on their choice, they get an interactive video that explains how the machine works, how it can be maintained and what to do in case of an error. The videos are available in multiple countries and languages, thanks to the use of audio tracks and subtitles.


  1. To provide a manual for new customers, so they know how to prepare the best coffee
  2. To ensure that customers get to know the machine and know how to maintain it properly on a daily basis 
  3. To help customers solve problems in order to keep the downtime as short as possible and to relieve the customer service


This video is in Dutch. Choose the options for the Aguila 220 and 440 to see English examples.


The videos have reached no less than 15% of the business customers. An interesting result is that many viewers are looking for extensive information; they watch no less than 4 or 5 subjects per video. Viewers also give a lot of open feedback that can be used for optimisation. For example, many customers want to know more about descaling machines, so now there's a follow-up video in the works.

Why nespresso chose blue billywig


"With interactive video, customers choose their own path through the content, which gives us the opportunity to measure all the steps they're taking. The interactivity also helps customers get through their machine maintenance or with solving an unexpected error. Since the launch of the interactive videos, we have seen a significant increase in the use of our videos and in the number of customers served. This means our customers can continue to enjoy their delicious coffee. Blue Billywig offers us the right tools for this."

- Nick van der Kolm - Customer Experience Manager B2B

Nick van der Kolm

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