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Lidl is a German global discount supermarket chain with over 10.000 stores across Europe and the USA. Lidl wants to inspire audiences with snackable and distinctive video content that is highly engaging to their viewers. In order to increase their reach, Lidl increases awareness via partner websites.

Lidl has a large array of interactive videos that keeps growing each week. Viewers are able to fill out a form within the video, when they would like to receive the recipe in their mailbox. They can also sign up to regularly receive new recipes and cooking inspiration.

Lidl displays these videos on, as well as on some of the largest news websites such as De Persgroep, Rossel and RTL. On every website the video is presented as branded content, fitting the corporate identity. For their video strategy, Lidl benefits from a scalable solution.


This video is in Dutch


Interactive templates

Each website comes with their own unique features and unique functionalities. With three different publishers the videos are spread over nine different websites. To make sure the video fits into the style of the website, there is one interactive template for all the videos. Programmed logic dynamically selects the optimal layout and functionalities for the website.

Audience insights

Given the videos are displayed on various platforms, it is important that Lidl is able to gain insight in the interests and characteristics of the viewers whenever and wherever they browse. A customized dashboard was built for Lidl that integrates directly with Google Analytics, as well as the Blue Billywig Analytics platform. Down to the last detail, Lidl can analyze viewing behaviour for every website. For example, Lidl can track in what order viewers click through videos and at what moment viewers take action.

Lead generation

Viewers can easily download the recipe directly from the video. This resulted in a conversion rate of 6,05%. Viewers can also fill out a form within the video to stay updated on new recipes.

Email marketing

Lidl has combined the videos with their email marketing system. This way the distribution of recipes is completely automated. The recipe email is constructed by using metadata. The ingredients, the instructions, a photo of the dish and the publisher logo are collected within the Blue Billywig Online Video Platform. The platform communicates this bundle of information to the email marketing system. The email system uses this information to automatically generate a coherent email, which is then sent to the viewer.

Automated branding

The appearance of the video player is automatically matched to the brand identity of the partner website. The corresponding logos are also added to the video, ensuring that the branding is consistent.

Language detection

Lidl Belgium operates in two languages: French and Flemish. The URL defines the language for the interactive video.


In a nutshell: scalable and simple. The vast amount of videos for Lidl Belgium is easier to manage thanks to various templates and integrations. This automated system combined with their reach, allows them to work towards their goal: to reach and inspire as many people as possible with snackable content. 



Lidl started an ambitious project together with Blue Billywig and media company Zigt. Along the way we kept developing, improving and testing. This project is an ongoing process, because we constantly aim higher. Flexibility and long-term thinking are essential and that is where we find a competent partner in Blue Billywig.

- Jonas Braun, Media Strategy and Special Projects

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