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ING Wholesale Banking

ING Wholesale Banking offers a wide portfolio of banking services to corporations, governments and financial institutions. Achieved results by their clients are showcased on the website.

Yet, the client cases on their website were presented in long texts and linear videos. In order to attract more traffic ING Wholesale Banking looked for a new way to shape the client cases. To present the results in a complete yet concise and attractive way, different client cases have been converted into interactive videos.


  1. To showcase various client cases in videos that allow direct access to relevant information
  2. To increase the video's resolution scores



Step 1: Select client cases

Together with ING Wholesale Banking we chose six client cases to convert into interactive videos.

Step 2: Interactive design

The next step was to see how all the information surrounding a case could be integrated in the videos. In collaboration with ING's video production and advertising companies,  an interactive design was created. The extra information was added to the videos through so-called interactive layers.

Step 3: Live

After the  videos went live, various statistics were tracked to gain insight into how viewers watched the content. Specifically, ING was interested in which interactive elements were clicked and viewed. This in order to find out the particular interests of viewers. Extra attention was also paid to drop-off points in order to optimize the video's resolution score.


Visitors' overall time on page increased. The various interactive cases were viewed more often than similar cases without a video or containing a lineair video. Additionally, ING Wholesale Banking has gained insight into how their (potential) clients view their video content, including which information is and is not relevant for them. 

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