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These days, a household is hardly complete without a functioning internet connection. Consumers want to be online as soon as possible when installing a new provider. As a provider of telecom services, Budget Thuis understands this need and therefore utilises interactive video for their service “Budget All-in-1” to ensure that users can easily connect their internet, television and telephone services without issue.

New Budget Thuis customers usually don’t have a working internet connection when they set up their service, and by scanning the QR code in the installation package they can easily open and watch the video on their phone. The video is in portrait mode, so it works optimally on a smartphone, meeting the customer where they are.


  1. Guide customers through the installation process quickly and easily
  2. Increase customer satisfaction
  3. Reduce the number of calls to customer service


This video is in Dutch


No less than 90% of the viewers stated that the video helped them to successfully connect their internet, telephone and television service. Budget Thuis has seen the result of this in the decrease of calls volume to customer service.

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