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Making decisions for your retirement can be quite difficult. One of Sweden’s largest pension funds, Alecta, thought that it should be easier. Pension might not be everyone’s favorite subject, but it is important that people understand how it works. That’s why Alecta has made it their mission to explain it in the simplest way possible.

Alecta uses interactive video to explain two topics that people have the most questions about: pension in relation to salary and how survivor’s pension works. Viewers only get to see information that’s relevant to their situation, based on the choices they make within the video. The clips in the videos are also used on separate web pages that are relevant to the specific subjects.


  1. To raise awareness about pension funds
  2. To explain complex information in an accessible way
  3. To collect feedback about services and products in order to improve communication and services


This video is in Swedish


  The complex and sometimes boring information about pension funds becomes easy due to the interactive videos. Alecta has used its video content to full effect and has reached even more viewers by reusing individual clips. At the end of the video, viewers are able to download a checklist, which is a much-used feature.

Why Alecta chose Blue Billywig

“After finding out about Blue Billywig, we realised that interactive video would be a good way to introduce our users to the sometimes complex world of pension funds. Blue Billywig was a great help during the whole video production process. It’s great that they’ve opened an office in Sweden.”

- Jonni Hällkvist, Digital Strategist, Alecta

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