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Blue Billywig and Adasta are partners since 2019 and work together to create a unique viewing experience for users across Adasta’s Italian portfolio, while significantly increasing instream ad revenues.

Publishers often don’t have the means to produce their own high quality editorial video content to further engage users and keep them on site, which also means they can’t avail from the high CPMs available for monetising instream video content. That’s where Adasta steps in. Adasta is a digital sales house, headquartered in Milan, whose primary purpose is to efficiently monetise and optimise Italian publisher websites.

Adasta manages the whole video chain for their publisher partners, providing the technology and training them in best practices for managing the editorial process. They also offer a wide range of Italian language content that publishers can run on site. Adasta then connects their demand stack using a mix of both direct campaigns and prebid video bidders to maximise the revenue potential for their clients.

Blue Billywig provides an Enterprise or parent account that allows Adasta’s numerous publishers access to the Online Video platform and benefit from its features, while only seeing their own information.


  1. Offer premium Italian content to publishers who don't have their own
  2. Recommend the ideal setup to engage users to watch
  3. Increase ad revenue for publishers
  4. Focus on cost efficiency


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Using Blue Billywig’s Online Video Platform enables Adasta to simplify an otherwise complex workflow for their customers. Dynamic feeds constantly add new content for publishers to use, and then avail of contextual suggestions being made to viewers. Unique features such as ‘ad only autoplay’ help keep streaming costs down in instances where a video could not be monetised.

With prebid player bidding, Adasta avoided any heavy lifting with header bidding, and easily created a prebid setup in the player that includes 5 supply side platforms, a consent management platform, and a call to a Google Ad Manager account. This all ensures the most optimal flow of demand, maximising the revenue potential for the media owners represented.


"We have a very strong relationship with Blue Billywig, and greatly enjoy working with the team. The combination of their impressive technology, along with our knowledge, connections and experience  of the Italian media market, creates an ideal video solution for local media owners."

Simone Chizzali - CEO Adasta

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