Together with TTV, we are welcoming you to our Breakfast event in Stockholm.

Time: August 27th, 8.30 AM – 10.00 AM (breakfast served as of 08.30 AM)
Location: Alsnögatan 9, 116 44 Stockholm

During an inspiring session, our speakers, Daniel McEnroe and Go Pontes will take us through the following topics:

  • Mistakes to look out for when working with digital learning based on 43 years of experience in the business.
  • Which obstacles did Vattenfall overcome during the development of their DEI learning License to Hire?

Our first speaker is, Dan McEnroe, TTV. Dan is a writer, producer and editor with more than 25 years experience in the industry. Since 2017, he has focused on using video as a tool for learning and development. As the business environment becomes more complex and challenging, learning and development become critical to continued growth and success. With this in mind, Dan is always searching for new ways to innovate the learning process. He believes strongly that we need to move away from the “PowerPoint on video” format and find interesting ways to make good use of the learner’s time and ensure that the learning sticks.

Our second speaker is Go Pontes, Vattenfall. Go is a competent developer with over 12 years of experience in competence and people development. Since 2011, he has transformed employees and leaders through dynamic training and continuous learning. He believes in challenging traditional methods to make learning engaging, sticky and impactful. For Go, embracing new, bold approaches is key to personal and professional growth at work.

He sees every interaction, human or digital, as an opportunity to learn and evolve. Go’s mission is to enhance effectiveness at work and foster human growth. He ensures that learning is not just a process, but a transformative experience that makes you more curious about the topic.

We will end our breakfast event with a panel discussion where everyone will have space to ask all questions. We are looking forward to welcoming you! Limited seats, so make sure to reserve your spot today!

Our team