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Blue Billywig Content Library

unlimited access to video content - revenue opportunities

We understand that video production requires both time and money and many media owners  don’t have the resources to continuously create video content. The Blue Billywig Video Content Library provides media owners with access  to over 2 million videos, with hundreds of new videos being added daily.

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A wide variety of videos to fit your site

The video content in the library is available in multiple languages and spans countless categories including Celebrity, News, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Tech, Entertainment, News, Travel and many more.

Increase video engagement

Simply implement Blue Billywig Suggests and our player will read the metadata of the article and then match it with the most relevant video clip in the library. Alternatively, get inspired to create content based on fresh new videos being ingested into your platform daily.

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KPI's Achieved100%
Completion rate88%
OVP Video Content Management System

Content Library and Platform

In addition to getting access to the Content Library, media owners also get full access to the Online Video Platform. This allows full control of the content: from finding content to managing and publishing content.
online video platform

Revenue Opportunities

Connect video demand using tags or take advantage of our Prebid integration within the platform and easily connect all of your demand partners to compete on price. Combine this with our ad detection feature to instantly create a large amount of instream inventory and realise every ad opportunity.
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