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Blue Billywig Channels

relevant video content that keeps viewers watching

With Blue Billywig Channels, it takes no time at all to create your own fully customized video channels. Channels group clips and playlists together in order to display relevant content to your viewers that keeps them engaged for longer.

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Why should you start using Channels?

Ready in a few clicks

It’s quick and easy to create your own Channels. Decide on the content and structure with just a few clicks.

More engagement

Channels increase your video engagement, making sure your viewers stay captivated and spend more time on your website.

Group and organise

Combine channels with playlists to structure your video content in a clear way, offering your content in a unified place and making it browsable.

Customisable design

The look of your channels can be adjusted to perfectly fit the corporate identity of your organisation by using your own colours and logo. You can manually update the look or let the styling come from the page, as the Channels player recognises the styling of the website, like colours, fonts and headers, and uses this during implementation.

The layout is also completely customisable, with total control over which videos are shown and how they display. Go for a full page channel that focuses the viewer’s attention or choose a smaller version that's easy to integrate into your website.

Flying player

client case

Academedia is the largest education company in Sweden. One of the schools covered by Academedia is LBS, a private school that focuses on media, game development and music production. The school has multiple locations throughout Sweden.

LBS hosts “open houses” for their schools to give potential students a preview of what they can expect from the school and to answer any questions they might have. LBS created Channels for 18 different locations, to group and organise more than 2000 video clips.

video clips
different schools

Louise Hermelin, Marketing coordinator at Academedia - 
"With Blue Billywig we can easily show our content to eager students on our digital open house-site. The Channels feature in particular helps us to display our video content easily, efficiently and in an accessible way."

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Blue Billywig Channels example

Channels & playlists

Connect Channels to playlists. A playlist is a list of video or audio files that's automatically generated based on set filters. Playlists allow you to easily group and organise your video content.

With this combination you ensure that your viewers always see the latest and most relevant content.

Start creating your own Channels

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