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Esther LinkedIn
Posted on April 20, 2015

Video hosting for business: why use your own platform?

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Logo in video

When first talking to potential clients about their video content strategy, there is one question that always comes up:

"A video hosting platform sounds great, but we are already using hosting video on [insert major free video service here. E.g. YouTube, VIMEO, Facebook video or recently; even twitter]. How would it benefit us to have our own video hosting for business?"

While there are a number of benefits to having your own video hosting platform (e.g. exceptional analytics, branded skin, SEO, free of advertisements… to just name a few), there is one reason that always resonates well:

    Don't build your house on rented land

Point in case

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine about what we had done over the weekend. He told me he had planned to start building his own patio furniture, but instead, ended up spending two hours on YouTube learning interesting things such as how to build a coffin and finding out the answer to the question of whether you are legally allowed to be buried naked (if you are wondering, you are).

You might guess that researching how to build his own patio furniture was too difficult hence making him so depressed he wanted to kill himself. On the contrary: he found a video that a local DIY store had embedded on their website in his Google search results. He quickly clicked to view. The video was informing and he became even more excited to get started. So what happened?

Once the video finished, the video about the coffin was shown as a “related video”. Curious, he clicked it. And soon after that his interest was caught by the title “can you be buried naked?’’. Again, he clicked. Before he knew it, two hours had gone by. The sun had set and his plan to go pick up some scaffolding wood at the nearest DIY had sailed.

Video hosting for business

When creating videos for brand engagement, marketers often have one goal: create as big an audience as possible. Social media platforms, such as YouTube, are excellent for this purpose: it is easy to target and reach a large audience. What is often forgotten however, is the plethora of content that YouTube offers.

The above example poignantly illustrates how simply embedding a YouTube video on your website can do more harm than good. Suggested videos, such as in the example above, might drive your potential customer away from the content you have worked so hard for. Worst-case scenario: one of your competitors’ videos is placed in the list with suggested videos.

Additionally, your customers will always be just a click away from YouTube (if you have ever wanted to watch a video full screen and accidentally clicked the YouTube logo then you know exactly what I am talking about).

The end of YouTube?

The simple answer: heck no. YouTube has a great purpose: reaching a large fan base. YouTube is a great social media channel that you can use to enlarge your reach and engage with your customers. By using the right tags you can even use YouTube to draw these viewers to your website, where you can lead them to conversion. But once you have them on your website, make sure you do not let them go back to the big sea of content that is YouTube, by using your own video hosting platform.

This is why we advise our clients to use the best of both worlds: use social media channels to enlarge your audience and let them engage with your brand.  Use your own video hosting for business to reach other goals, such as conversion, engagement and customer satisfaction.

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